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Financial institutions of all asset-size groups are challenged to meet greater demands for financial modernization, technological developments and operational efficiency, while reducing the costs and complexity of managing risk, control functions, and compliance activities. As financial institutions leverage new technology, risk-management issues will become more complex. Meeting all these challenges and the wide range of corporate obligations may seem akin to looking through a kaleidoscope, with each turn creating an ever-changing picture. Let R.C.S. & Associates help bring clarity, commitment, and support to your internal risk management control functions so you can optimize well-managed growth while effectively meeting corporate governance. 

We at R.C.S. & Associates provide financial institutions with a pragmatic, methodical and dynamic approach to a broad range of risk management services to identify, measure, monitor, track, aid, and support in the management control of all key areas, to include, operating, market, credit, reputation, strategic and compliance risk. Our services are unprecedented and performed by seasoned and specialized professionals backed by many years of experience and excellence. All services are supported by state-of-the-art automated systems and customized programs designed to facilitate speed, flexibility, and accuracy. Consequently, because of these efficiencies our services are favorably priced and cost-effective to you. 

Together, We Can Accomplish More

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As President and Founder of the firm, Rudy C. Scrimenti brings more than 30-years of banking and management experience to the table. Having held diverse, senior level positions with major national and regional banks and financial institutions, he is considered an expert nationwide. He has been published and recognized in the Wall Street Journal for his appointment and service to the National Business Advisor Council, has served as New Jersey State Chairman, and was named 2004 Businessperson of the year!
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What Sets Us Apart
We take special pride in our work providing a continuous tradition of professional excellence - and our clients notice it. Perhaps that is why many of them have retained our services since our formation 10-years ago. As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment and mission to provide the banking and financial services industry with unparalleled service and unprecedented excellence.

Your success is our success - and together we can accomplish more.

We look forward to speaking directly to your needs, understand your objectives and identify areas where we can help you optimize new levels of risk management techniques; meeting safety and soundness standards, and operational efficiency covering any one, all, or a combination of our services: